Scores and Audio
Complete list of works: pdf

  • Klavier-stücke (1988/90/92/94)

  • Nacht-stücke (1988-91)
    for piano
  • String Quartet (1991)
  • EVE (1991)
    for piano
  • HANNAH (1991/92)
    for recorder
  • Slap-sticks (1991/92)
    4 orchestral groups with loudspeakers
  • Skordaturen (seit 1992)
    I. Guitar (20.V.1992)
    II. Violoncello (1992 - 94)
    III. Kayagǔm, cembalo, lute, (baroque)cello and/ or harp (since 2002)
    IV. 12 double-basses and solo-double-bass (1993/94)
  • I MU GI (1992)
    for walking woodwinds and percussionists
  • anti (1992/93)
    for soprano, piccolo, klarinet (eb), sopranino-saxophone, trumpet, tuba, 3 percussionists, tape (and live-electronics)
  • Herangang (1993-95)
    I. for piano
    II. for computer controlled concert grand piano or player piano
  • Bläserquintett "Vom Äußersten" (1993/94)
    I. Orakel (tibetanisch)

    II. vomitones

    III. Klangbandwurm

    IV. 67 Dauern

  • Kakosymphonie (1993, rev.1996)
    Konzert for orchestra
  • Walk-men (1993-95)
    for 5 instrumentalists
  • Deutschland (seit 1994)
    I. Les Adieux
    for large orchestra
    1 Abschied
    2 Abwesenheit
    3 Heimkehr
    II. annexionen
    for voices and chamber-ensemble
    eine einführung, 3 perverse verse, 2 beziehungs-weisen und ein schlußstück
    III. Fata Morgana
    after Werner Herzog
    for wind instruments and percussion
    1 Die Schöpfung
    2 Das Paradies
    3 Das Goldene Zeitalter
    IV. Greed
    after motives from movies by Erich von Stroheim and others for voices and instruments
    V. Jahreszeiten
    for strings and cembalo
    1 Winter
    2 Frühling
    3 Sommer
    4 Herbst
    VI. Lands-end
    electronic music
  • Diapsalmata (since 1995)
    Duo for piano and player piano
  • Fetische (since 1996)
    I for flute and piano (1996) (Der Anlaß ist immer das Zufällige)

    II for piano, cello and percussion (since 1996) (Memories/Melodies)

    III for violin and piano (2005/06)
  • 60 Minute Waltzes (since 1997)
    1st book 19 Minute Waltzes for trombone

    2nd book 10 Minute Waltzes for violin

    3rd book Minute Waltz for player piano
  • Strohhalme (1998/99)
    for flute (piccolo and alto flute)
  • Hotei (1999)
    for piano
  • Auf den Tag
    tones on texts by Felix Philipp Ingold
    a. Version for reciter, flute, violin, trombone and percussion (1999/2000)
    b. Version for reciter, violin, violoncello, percussion and concrete instruments (1999-2002)
  • Exterminator! (since 2000)
    for accordion und e-bass
  • curves and circles (2001)
    for accordion, trombone and violoncello
    I. for accordion and violoncello

    II. for accordion and trombone

    III. for trombone and violoncello

    IV. for accordion, trombone and violoncello
  • existenz – transcendenz (2001)
    for 4 percussionists
  • Budai (2002)
    for piano
  • Requiem (2003)
    for accordion, e-bass and tape
  • Concerto (2004)
    for piano and chamber orchestra
  • Double Concerto (2005)
    for trombone, saxophone and 10 solo-instruments with live-electronics
  • frammenti mitici (2007)
    for solo piano
  • Dunkle Freiheit (2007)
    "Erotik des Kontrasts" (with Lichtzwang)
    for oboe, saxophone, viola and french horn
  • 2nd String Quartet (2007)
  • "Casanova" (2008)
    Duo for violin and cello
    on poems by Monica Burger
  • KIVA/Batelan (2009)
    Graphic music on two paintings by Karl Otto Götz
    for guitar and cello
  • Palimpseste und Parodien (2010)
    7 songs on songs by Hugo Wolf